What’s the difference between regular dentures and Snap in Dentures?

What's the difference between regular dentures and Snap in Dentures?

Many patients that are looking for a dental solution with implant dentures ask if Snap in Dentures will make them gag like regular dentures. They are very surprised to learn that Snap in Dentures do not have roof of the palate.

What's the difference between regular dentures and Snap in Dentures?The part that covers the top of your mouth is not present. This was usually needed on conventional dentures because that’s exactly where the patients would place the special glue. Our Snap in Dentures stay in place thanks to the mini implants so that makes them a lot less bulky. They will feel like natural teeth and you might even forget you have them on! This is important for many people because they just can’t eat otherwise.

Here’s doctor German Arzate talking about the details on how the Snap in Dentures work.


Snap-In-Dentures is one of the most affordable techniques that you can find in implant dentistry. Now let me explain you how it works. We do a set of Snap-In-Dentures, which they have here housings and o-rings, then we remove part of the palate, as you can see here. These ones are uppers and these ones are lowers, as you can see here, no matter if you have teeth or if you don’t have any teeth, or if you are a fully edentulous patient, or partially edentulous patient. If you say “they are ugly”, “they are old”, “I don’t want them anymore”, well this is a great solution, and also a very affordable one.


Let’s take a look on how it looks? So, we are going to see how the gums are, really good, the implants are looking fantastic. And everything around looks really really good, see the strength of the implants, they are doing fantastic. They are really strong, see how the gums look. Let’s take a look at uppers. Uppers, we have the same solution on uppers, see how the implants look, they are fantastic, they are super strong, what do we have here and here? This is very interesting, and as you can see here, there is no roof on the palate. So this is the magic about Snap-In-Dentures, so now, let’s put them in. Can you please? Place them in. That’s the lower.


See how simple it could be? Takes just a couple of seconds to put them in. Some doctors say that they don’t work. Well, I can tell you I’ve been doing this for more than 10 years, and they are fantastic. It’s an awesome product.


Once they have them in, probably take a couple of seconds. It was like 40 seconds for this, let’s take a look on the strength, now, bite for me, please. See how good they bite? Now open, close, let’s take a look, doesn’t matter if it’s a big amount of food they won’t pop out. This is an interesting thing also about this.


So, this another great case of Snap-In-Dentures, and now you can take your glasses off. What can you say about Snap-In-Dentures? Because there have been two years, two years of having this product.


This is the most affordable option you have for a full mouth implant restoration!

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