Snap In Dentures
Snap In Dentures

How long does it takes to get Snap in Dentures?



The overall time to get the procedure done can fit nicely into your vacation days in Cancun. We need you at least for 8 working days, so plan accordingly. On your first appointment you will get the mini implants screwed in. This will take just a couple of hours under local anesthesia. Right afterwards, you will get a prescription for antibiotics, anti-inflammatory and pain killers. You can get all of these in local drugstores. In only one session you will be able to return to your resort in Cancun with the mini implants in place and enjoy the beach while your new dentures are being made.

You will come two more times a few days later for a wax test and then check color, shape and size of your new teeth for your final denture. This will only take an hour at most, leaving you free to go out and have fun on the amazing white sandy beaches of Cancun. Later, you will get a final fitting and visual test to ensure there will be no problems with your Snap in Denture. At the end of 8 days you will have a new smile and your life will be changed completely! Isn’t this amazing?

Why is it so fast, you ask? Well, we have over a decade of experience placing implants! We have come to realize the bone and gum tissue around the mini implants heal quicker than with any other type of implant because only minimal invasive surgery is required. Mini implants wouldn’t really work with a single tooth and a big crown. The load and pressure is too much and the bone might reject it. Instead, we place 8 mini implants, 4 on one side of the arch and 4 on the other side. This provides primary stability to the denture and distributes the pressure of chewing and biting evenly.

If the doctor evaluates your old denture can be adapted with o-rings, this might only take a couple of days instead!

After getting your mini implants you will only require a dental check up every year to keep them in top condition. At our clinic, we will replace the o-rings that show any wear free of charge.

What are you waiting for? The first step to get Snap in Dentures is just a few clicks away! Contact us through the email form here or call us toll free to ask us any other details you want!

Snap In Dentures