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How to get Snap in Dentures?


Snap in Dentures are a new amazing alternative for people who have lost all or most of their teeth.  The process is very easy. You will simply need to send us your panoramic x-ray and photos of your mouth to evaluate your case ahead of time. Our doctors will look up your files and give you an honest and professional evaluation and suggestions as far as treatment. If you are already on vacation in Cancun, you can come by and get a direct evaluation free of charge. Just keep in mind that if you agree with the treatment the whole process of making the Snap in Dentures will take approximately 8 working days.




The doctor will talk to you to get to know you better, answer any questions you have and find out what your hopes and fears might be concerning this procedure so you don’t have to worry about anything. At this point you will see for yourself the professional staff and modern facilities where the magic of Snap in Dentures is performed. You can start the journey of your smile makeover the very same day after the initial payment is made. The doctor will start by placing the mini implants in your mouth. If there are any teeth left in the chosen arc they will need to get extracted first. You will get local anesthesia or you also have the option of sedation, administered by a professional anesthesiologist as required by Mexican law. You can have 8 teeth extractions done free of charge. Any extra extractions and the sedation services come at an additional cost.


In the next couple of hours, the doctor will perform a minimal surgical procedure to embed the mini implants into your healthy bone and close it up with stitches. The mini implants are tiny screws made of Grade 5 Titanium alloy (the most biocompatible alloy for medical use) that have tiny spherical heads. This would be all for the day. The doctor will give you a prescription for antibiotics, anti-inflammatory and pain killers which you will be able to purchase right here in Cancun. You can now enjoy the rest of your vacation at your beach resort. You will get appointments to come and do a wax test for your new Snap in Dentures. You will be able to choose color, size and form of your new teeth. The snap in dentures don’t have a palate, allowing you to taste food better. By the end of the 8 days you will have the makeover smile you always wanted!