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Price for Snap in Dentures and Mini Implants

Many people may find the costs incurred for denture implants in the United States or Canada to simply sky rocket out of their budget. However, we provide highly affordable dentures at our dental facility here in Cancun.

Even though we use the same materials and equipment as that of our counterparts in other countries, the rental cost of our facilities and taxes are much lower here. This is why we can offer such competitive prices for the same quality services! You can save up to 70% compared to dentists in United States and Canada.

Check out our prices for snap in dentures and mini dental implants.

Any other services like additional extractions, sedation and bone grafting will have to be with an extra cost.

You can also have the option of adapting your regular dentures to Snap in Dentures. The doctor will need to check if your dentures meet the necessary requirements to be modified with o-rings.

With us, you will have huge savings, as much as 70%! You will go back home with a bright and shining smile for much less than in the USA and Canada!

Our rates are fair and affordable, and for this reason, plenty of people from the USA and Canada actually prefer coming to us. Without compromising on quality, we make sure that you have a life changing experience with the best care available at an affordable price. So laugh and speak freely again and enjoy the foods that you love eating without any hassle. If you would like a free consultation with us, then give us a call.