Snap In Dentures
Snap In Dentures

Mini Implants

The mini implants have come to revolutionize the world of implant dentistry.  They are the secret behind the snap in dentures that makes them possible!


What are mini implants?


At first mini implants were used as temporary devices for dental implants, but soon, dentists around the world realized it was difficult to pull them back out. The bone around the implant healed quickly and adhered to it. This opened a whole new world of possibilities for people with a tight budget looking for alternatives.


These mini implants have been approved by the FDA to be used in many types of dental treatments. They are made of the same Grade 5 titanium alloy as that of regular sized implants. Grade 5 titanium is excellent for use on dental treatments because of its bio-compatibility with both human bone and tissue.


There are millions of people without teeth who are looking for an affordable solution to their problem. Yes, mini implants are more affordable than regular dental implants! Also, regular implants cannot be placed on a jaw and maxilla with low bone volume, but mini implants are a real good alternative in most cases.


The invasive procedure needed to set the mini implants is minimum, making it easier and quicker for the bone to heal and keep the implant in place. They have a high rate of Osseo-integration, providing you with a stable and strong anchor for your snap in dentures.



How are they different from regular implants?


The main difference between mini implants and regular implants are the size. Mini implants are a few millimeters wide, and thanks to their small size they can be inserted into areas where regular implants are not an option.


There is much debate whether mini implants are as good as regular implants for crowns or bridges. The main use we give them is for anchoring the snap in dentures. While a single regular implant might have to withstand alone the force of biting and chewing, we place 8 mini implants along the arch of the maxilla or jaw bone to distribute the pressure by using the snap in dentures. This allows you to have a steady and secure bite without having to worry about messy denture adhesives.


Just like with any other surgical procedure, there is a small chance that the body rejects the mini implant, whether it is because of genetic, hygiene or lifestyle reasons, this can happen. The success rate is very similar to that of regular implants. You must clean the dental implants in the same way you have to clean your regular teeth to fight off the plaque with a soft brush over your gums.  You should also stop smoking as it can have an adverse effect on the integration of the implant. The Doctor will give you all other additional instructions to make sure the mini implants will stay in place.

Snap In Dentures
Snap In Dentures