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Snap in Dentures Cancun Mexico


Get a makeover smile with Snap In Dentures and mini implant technology at our dental clinic in Cancun Mexico and save up to 70%. Become one of the hundreds of patients who are experiencing the joy of speaking, laughing, eating and smiling without worrying about their new Snap In Dentures!

The best denture option! Start a new life experience today. With Snap in Dentures you will get a strong steady bite and an amazing, secure and confident new smile! You won’t have to hide your teeth anymore. Smile proud and openly! Get in touch with us so we can look at your x-rays and give you a FREE EVALUATION.

You can return home smiling with new teeth after just one 8-day vacation. Let us help you restore your confidence. Take the first step to start enjoying life again!


Enjoy your favorite foods again

Aids normal healthy digestion

Provides normal bite force

No acrylic on the roof of your mouth

No denture adhesive required

Maintains jaw bone

Provides long-term stability

Maintains essential nutrients

Before and After

These are examples of what implant dentures like Snap in Dentures can do for you. Get the complete smile makeover and show off the most beautiful hollywood smile you never thought you could get.


Treatment: Minis

This patient was using partial dentures on top and full dentures in bottom that shifted a lot. Snap in Dentures stay in place with mini implants.


Treatment: Minis

Here we can see a patient who had lost most of the function of his teeth. In about a week he was able to smile, speak and eat normally without pain.


Treatment: Minis

This patient had to deal with constant infections, loose teeth and pain. Now she wants to smile all the time and people tell her her smile is beautiful.


Check these testimonials. Real people talking about their experience getting affordable mini implant dentures and how it changed their lives. Snap in Dentures can also improve the quality of your life! You won't need to hide your smile anymore.

Snap in Dentures is different from a regular denture. She found just what she needed to be able to smile again.
Serrita had really bad teeth for a long time and she was trying to find a way to fix them. Thanks to dental tourism she found Snap in Dentures.
She’s in love with her new family in Cancun! Sheri can smile again with Snap in Dentures!

German Arzate DDS, Makeover expert

Doctor German Arzate

Doctor German Arzate have more than 20 years of experience in Dentistry, placing Dental Implants, and practicing Advanced Cosmetic Dentistry and cosmetic dental rehabilitation and now, also is now one of the very few dentists certified as a diplomate by the American Board of Oral Implantology/implant Dentistry (ABOI/ID). He and all our dentists are a well trained team of professionals prepared to help you with your dental problems in Cancun.

ABOI Certificate German Arzate

Snap in Dentures in 6 Days

Snap in Dentures Cancun Mexico

These are the most affordable implant dentures in the market, changing the life of hundreds of patients every year. This is the process to get back the smile and confidence. Get a FREE evaluation to see if you are a candidate for our palateless implant denture!

Extractions (if needed). Set mini implants

Test on wax to measure height (day to choose color of teeth)

Test of teeth over wax, we show you how your teeth will look (size, shape and color)


PICK UP OF THE O-RINGS (you can start eating now and trying the new dentures)


Why Snap In Dentures is your best choice?