The best choice for a denture

Using a denture involves a big change in your mouth. Most of the time it can have negative consequences for the health, since when not being completely fixed they lose their functionality and causes discomfort in the lips. Many people with dentures complain of sticky lips or dry lips, this may be related to poor fit of the dentures.

The goal of dentures is to replace the original function of your teeth, including the support of the entire face, since the lower third of the face is supported by the teeth and jaw. Unfortunately many dentures do not achieve this purpose and the face begins to lose its original shape.

This can be achieved with the Snap In Dentures!

Since being the dentures without palate attached with mini implants, the face obtains the adequate support so that the bone does not change its shape and maintains its natural appearance.

During procedure the denture is attached to the jaw by inserting 8 mini implants into the bone, making the prosthesis removable for cleaning but providing the necessary fixation to make it feel like your natural teeth instead of using glue or adhesive to keep the prosthesis in place.

If your denture is not even close to being right, your lips may bend, especially during chewing and biting your lips more often than you used to. In some cases you can notice some spots on the lips because of the dentures or when you are eating there is an excess production of saliva.

With the treatment of Snap in Dentures you will forget completely about all these problems. Since by using this special technique with 8 mini dental implants, you will have a fixed denture palateless getting the proper anchorage and stability you need to eat, chew, laugh and smile and never remember that you are using dentures.

In addition to that you can better enjoy the taste of your food since having no palate you can taste the food better and speak more easily.

We are the leaders of dental tourism in Mexico. Our top notch facilities and professional staff are ready to help you restore your smile with mini implants and Snap in Dentures. If you have ANY question, please call toll free from USA and Canada at 1800-961-0419 and our dental planners will be very happy to assist you.

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