An Overview of Snap In Dentures

Snap in Dentures mini implant retained denture

Each year, hundreds of U.S. and Canadian citizens travel to Cancun, Mexico, to receive superior dental treatments from the Snap in Dentures facility, which is located inside the largest mall in Cancun.

Some of this organization’s offered services include general dentistry treatments like tooth extractions, white resin fillings, and inlays and onlays. The highly experienced dental staff at this clinic also provides cosmetic and implant dentistry options from simple things like laser whitening to extensive work like Smile Makeovers, All on 4-6 and of course Snap in Dentures for patients with diverse needs.


Snap in Dentures

Individuals who come to our clinic for Snap in Dentures receive a treatment that allows them to have a full set of steady and strong dentures in just one visit. The “miracle” Snap in Dentures give our patients an “eat a steak” bite after the first trip to the facility, which will allow those who previously could only eat soft foods to enjoy all the varied local cuisine during their stay in Cancun and afterwards in their home town. Snap in Dentures, which can use a patient’s current dentures or involve a new set of dentures, do not require denture glue because they are attached to the mini implants screwed to the jaw or maxilla bone.

The head of the mini implants with the O-rings attached to the denture keep it in place and at the optimal level for denture seating. Snap in Dentures are designed to fit the mini dental implants comfortably. An additional benefit of using Snap in Dentures as opposed to other types is the absence of a palate, which allows individuals to more fully taste the food they eat and increases the types of food a patient can enjoy.

As you can see, Snap in Dentures have a lot of advantages! You can forget about messy glues, pain, sored gums and loose dentures. Look 10 years younger and recover your confidence; rembmer that our motivation is to see you smile!

What ar you waiting? Call now toll free 1800 961 0419 and take the first step to the rest of your life!