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Keep your implant dentures clean

When you leave our dental clinic in Cancun after getting mini implant Snap in Dentures you must understand there are things you need to do to keep your new implant dentures clean and in the best conditions. READ MORE

Playa Coral: Pet Friendly Beach in Cancun

If you’re planning to come to Cancun for a smile makeover and you’re bringing your best companion with you, then you should know that playa coral (also known as El Mirador 2) it’s a pet friendly beach in Cancun where you can share a time with your furry friend. READ MORE

The best choice for a denture

Using a denture involves a big change in your mouth. Most of the time it can have negative consequences for the health, since when not being completely fixed they lose their functionality and causes discomfort in the lips. Many people with dentures complain of sticky lips or dry lips, this may be related to poor fit of the dentures. READ MORE