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Snap in dentures: Another Great Reason

We want to give you today another great reason to come here and enjoy snap in dentures. The important reason for you to come to Cancun is the food you are going to taste just after you receive snap in dentures. READ MORE

Snap in dentures: Easy to remove!

We are going to tell you today what some people have told us and it is a regular question that happens when they choose our plateless dentures, snap in dentures or before they decide to start the procedure: They are often afraid and think because of having mini implants technology, snap in dentures will not be possible to be removed easily when they need to clean them. READ MORE

Snap in dentures happy patient: Jeff

Snap in dentures is one of the most effective ways to remove the annoying fake denture you have and replace it for one that won’t fall and make you feel quite confident. Today we want to show you another patient who understood the benefits of snap in dentures and took the “risk” of traveling to Cancun to get Dental implant vacations. We would like to let you know about our last happy patient: Jeff. READ MORE

Proper cares after a dental extractions

Today we would like to talk about the proper care you are going to need after a dental extractions and a surgery. As you have chosen snap in dentures with mini implants technology if you don’t have a denture already it will be necessary for you that we remove the teeth where your new snap in dentures will take place it will not take a lot of time and the healing process is usually quick if you follow the orders we are going to give you here. If you already have a denture and you still want to get snap in dentures we suggest you to read this post. READ MORE

Snap in dentures: Happy patient James

It is time to let you know about this week’s happy patient. His name is James and he couldn’t be happier now he got his new snap in dentures. READ MORE