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Snap in dentures and the change of your denture

Sometimes we get attached to certain things that we use daily, either for its functionality or because we feel comfortable with them and we don’t want to change it or replace it when it’s necessary. It happens to all of us at least once in our life so, when the time comes and you are going to get a new one you find it a bit hard to do it because you are afraid the new one won’t work at least as the old one worked and you are afraid if it’s a good decision to make to get a new one. READ MORE

Snap in dentures & Pirate shows!

We know that the date for your snap in dentures treatment is getting close. At this moment you must be planning all the things you will do during your visit with our dentists in Mexico for your cosmetic dentistry and you won’t be traveling alone. You will be surrounded with your family and in most of the cases that involves children that always want to do different activities and they get bored easily. Today we are going to talk to you about an activity for children and not so children that will take a good time of your day and all of you will love. READ MORE

Snap in dentures and Jetpacks!

Cancun area offers a lot of adventures and things to do when you are getting your snap in dentures, many activities are not common and not a lot of people know about them, so we would like to share another activity to you so you can get the best of Cancun during your dental implant vacations and you don’t get bored just going to the beach, because we know you will have plenty of time to visit and explore. READ MORE

Mini implants for teeth replacement


As the years go by and we become older some parts of our body as much as we take good care of them start having issues. We have been exposed to several factors that involved serious damage to our body and our system even with good treatment gets affected. READ MORE

Snap in dentures: Happy patient Catriona

Gratefully we announce our happy patient of the week. She is Catriona, she is from the U.K but she lives right now in Canada. She told us that it is not her first time in Cancun but it is her first time for Dental implant vacations, she came to Cancun to get snap in dentures with us.