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“It’s not just the cost, it is the EXCELLENCE” – Snap in Dentures Happy Patient Review!

Patricia came to our dental clinic in Cancun all the way from Florida to get Snap in Dentures. She was seeking professional help for her smile. She had always had very little bone density and regular dental implants placed on USA were not working for her. Patricia was tired of not finding the right solution and specially about the exorbitant prices they were pushing down on her.


Sedation for Dental Phobia

FearAdults suffering from severe dental anxiety, have spent their life neglecting their teeth. Because of this, many are dissatisfied with their general appearance, including mouth, teeth and face.

Losing teeth by poor oral health, can lead to depression, anxiety, poor quality of life and they can feel trapped in a vicious circle beginning with avoidance of dental care followed by a sense of shame and withdrawal from social intercourse. It is a very difficult situation and people find it very hard to overcome to it.


Snap in Dentures – Happy Patient Wayne S.


Snap in Dentures - Wayne, his lovely Wife Donna and Dr. Arzate!

We want to thank our patient Wayne from Calgary, who came with us seeking for help his regular dentures. He came to the gorgeous beaches of Cancun to get the Snap in Dentures done by Doctor German Arzate.


Snap in Dentures: Scuba diving paradise.

One of the world’s top famous tourist destinations in Mexico, is Cancun. And it’s a well deserved fame… with it’s white sand and crystal clear water, fun activities for visitor of all ages and captivating entertainment, world class resorts and plenty of other attractions Cancun is the perfect spot for amazing and relaxing vacations.


Snap in Dentures: Happy patient Cheryl

We had a visit from our patient Cheryl, from Georgia, who came to Cancun with her husband Robert to have some Snap in Dentures done.

Cheryl had bad experiences with dentists in the past and this is why when she was younger she was afraid of dentists. Even then, she was firm in her desire to get better teeth and paid a visit to two other dentist before us. She felt they had done a terrible job so her husband looked for another alternative and found our clinic in the internet. They decided to give it a shot, even though they almost expect the same result. They were simply delighted with the hospitality and care from our staff and Doctor German Arzate