Does smoking affect my Snap in Dentures?

Does smoking affect my Snap in Dentures?

We know that smoking is not good for anyone, in addition to causing diseases like cancer, smoking damages your teeth, makes your teeth turn yellow or makes your mouth have bad breath. But, what happens with your Snap in Dentures? The success rate of my Snap in Dentures decreases?

Smoke has toxins as well as nicotine, this component is a strong vasoconstrictor (decreases the size of lumen of blood vessels), that reduces the blood supply to the surgical area. A smaller blood vessel cannot move toxins and waste as quickly away from the surgical spot.
Not having enough nutrients and oxygen reaching to the healing bone and not being able to get rid of the toxins, will have a terrible effect on the osseo integration of the mini implants.

Studies state that smokers have significantly higher chance of failure over nonsmokers.
There are patients who want to improve their smile with mini implants but still have the habit of smoking, this does not stop you from having your Snap in Dentures. You can proceed with the surgery and be successful! It’s just that the success rate decrease in patients who smoke, increasing patient’s risk of complications and rejection.

A healthier lifestyle, combined with better oral health care and a regular visits to your dentist, should see your oral health restored to good order following any appropriate treatment.

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Does smoking affect my Snap in Dentures?
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