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Does smoking affect my Snap in Dentures?

We know that smoking is not good for anyone, in addition to causing diseases like cancer, smoking damages your teeth, makes your teeth turn yellow or makes your mouth have bad breath. But, what happens with your Snap in Dentures? The success rate of my Snap in Dentures decreases?


Snap in dentures, the best solution for your dental problems

If you are reading this, the most likely reason is because you are looking for the best solution for your dental problems. We know that there are many options for dentures and it is very difficult to know which one is indicated and there are many factors that influence the final decision. But you are taking a big step, so read about it.


Pirate Shows with Snap in Dentures!

We know that the date for your snap in dentures treatment is getting close. At this moment you must be planning all the things you will do during your visit with our dentists in Mexico for your cosmetic dentistry and you won’t be traveling alone. You will be surrounded with your family and in most of the cases that involves children that always want to do different activities and they get bored easily. Today we are going to talk to you about an activity for children and not so children that will take a good time of your day and all of you will love.