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Shawn, another Happy Patient with Snap in Dentures!

Our dental Patient Shawn, came with his lovely wife Cristina from New Mexico to his dental vacation. There’s a long story of bad teeth in his family and most of them are wearing denture from a very young age. He was looking for options since he didn’t want to use any more his regular dentures, because he couldn’t eat or speak properly. That’s how he came with us looking for Snap in Dentures!


Regenerate human teeth, the future replacement for dentures?

Did you know that rodent incisors never stop growing? They gnaw and chew through just about anything. They need to wear down those incisors, which, if left unchecked, could go so long that the animal might not be able to bite and starve. This dental development gives researchers insight into how to regenerate human teeth, which could change the way dental restorations—crowns, bridges, and “fillings”—are handled by the dentist.


“It’s not just the cost, it is the EXCELLENCE” – Snap in Dentures Happy Patient Review!

Patricia came to our dental clinic in Cancun all the way from Florida to get Snap in Dentures. She was seeking professional help for her smile. She had always had very little bone density and regular dental implants placed on USA were not working for her. Patricia was tired of not finding the right solution and specially about the exorbitant prices they were pushing down on her.