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An Overview of Snap In Dentures

Each year, hundreds of U.S. and Canadian citizens travel to Cancun, Mexico, to receive superior dental treatments from the Snap in Dentures facility, which is located inside the largest mall in Cancun.


Celiac Disease’s Toll on Your Teeth

After a patient was diagnosed with celiac disease in early 2009, she made sure to tuck all nine of her extracted teeth into her handbag when she was referred to the Celiac Disease Center at Columbia University in New York. She wondered if the dental problems with which she had been plagued since her early twenties – repeated cavities, root canals, infections and extractions – could possibly have something to do with celiac disease.


Vacations and a whole new life with Snap in Dentures

Dr. German Arzate and his team at Snap in Dentures, are known for their ability and expertise in a wide range of cosmetic dental procedures.